Military Applications

Advantages of LIM Silicone Parts for Military/Aerospace


  • High thermal stability
  • Stability and flexibility at low temperature
  • Stable rubber like properties
  • High stability against ozone and ultraviolet light
  • Outstanding aging behavior
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Excellent dielectric behavior over a wide temperature range

Eye cups for night vision equipment, seals, switch buttons and gaskets

Silicone is widely used in critical military/aerospace applications because of its flexibility, memory, resistance to temperature swings and biological factors. The benefits of working with G & F Medical for LSR applications include:

  • LIM silicone is ideal to manufacture parts which must be extremely flexible, have good memory properties and toughness.
  • G & F Medical manufactured silicone parts are tailored to meet specific physical properties and Mil Spec color requirements.
  • Design freedom, including over-molding onto metallic and plastic substrates.
  • One-stop shopping for thermoplastic and silicone injection molding and assembly Customize formulations that offer specific performance characteristics such as static dissipative properties.
  • G & F Medical works with local tool makers and material manufacturers to comply with ITAR requirements.

Case study: Sealing Gasket for a Battlefield System's Electronic Control Unit 
A customer asked G & F Medical to manufacture precisely dimensioned gaskets to seal a mission-critical electronic control unit. The sealing surface had an irregular three-dimensional shape and three precisely located mounting holes. The gasket had to maintain a secure seal under challenging environmental conditions including vibration and large variations in temperature and humidity.