Liquid Injection Molding

Liquid Injection Molding (LIM) of Liquid Silicone Rubber used by G & F Medical is a rapid and economical process for low to high-volume applications that produces final parts with excellent precision and repeatability. 
Liquid silicone is a low viscosity (0.1mil cps to 2 mil cps) liquid at room temperature, the injection barrel is cooled, and the injection mold is heated. 
A two-component LSR mix-a catalyst containing platinum and cross linker-plus, if required, color pigments and additives, are dispensed into the Liquid Injection Molding (LIM) machine barrel after the mix is homogenized through a static mixer. The homogenized mix is then injected into a heated mold. The LSR mix is vulcanized (cured) in seconds. Benefits of Liquid Injection Molding (LIM) are:

  • Closed process lowers the risk of contamination
  • Quick cure resulting in a faster cycle compared to peroxide cured cycles
  • Easy to color and flexibility with changes in pigment ratios
  • Low maintenance and ease of change-over
  • Common screw/barrel assembly for all LSR grades as no material shear is necessary


Injection Molding