Design Assistance and Prototyping

Whatever the situation, our technical group has probably seen it before. We can help you avoid pitfalls, overcome obstacles and find optimal solutions to design challenges, thereby improving the speed, and reducing the cost of development.

  • SolidWorks™ as 3D CAD application for product design support and mold design review
  • Quick turnaround of quotes and prototype samples
  • Use of G & F Medical owned conventional or cold runner mold base to cut lead time and costs
  • Molded prototypes provide the actual look and feel of the finished product. Physical properties and appearance will closely match that of a production part.
  • Tool design change flexibility
  • Stock many LSR grades from various suppliers to expedite prototype samples
  • Mold FlowSimulation can be done prior to cutting the mold to optimize gate location and port design.
  • Tooling capacity through sister company as well as local and international vendors (European).


Design Assistance